Iperf for Bandwidth Testing


Troubleshooting network related issues can be challenging at times. One great tool for on-the-spot testing of network bandwidth is Iperf. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool that can provide visibility on network performance metrics such as bandwidth, latency (delay), jitter, and packet loss. If you … [Read more...]

WAN using IP VPN over Internet vs MPLS – Pros and Cons

IP VPN over Internet vs MPLS, there’s a price for everything in this world, and  Internet based IP VPNs are no exception. While  IP VPNs over Internet are a cheaper alternative to any MPLS network, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re for everyone, as customer requirements always vary. In this … [Read more...]

Aryaka WAN as a Service – Our Experience

I have read about the concept of the Aryaka WAN as a Service with a mixture of curiosity and doubt.  At last, I can say that I have first-hand experience with Aryaka it is nothing short of marvelous.  Imagine installing a global MPLS network in just two weeks.  That is exactly what we did.  So I … [Read more...]

Local Loop Diversity – Do You Really Have It?

Fiber Diversity

Local loop diversity...it's a common story: an enterprise contracts with their carrier for diverse local loops to different POPs to provide diversity and protection against a loop failure from a back-hoe or other cause of failure.  Then your network goes down.  How could that happen?  You designed … [Read more...]

Undersea Cables – What They Look Like. Why Are They Important?

Undersea Cable

Anyone who has an MPLS, Ethernet or Point-To-Point network that connects to someplace that is across the ocean or sea, depends on undersea cables, also known as trans-oceanic cables.  These undersea cable systems traverse the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans as well as most of the seas.  But what … [Read more...]

MPLS Network Design – Control Your Future

MPLS network design is important to think seriously about. Has your company ever had an MPLS network carrier that you weren't happy with?  Then you probably remember the hassle of switching carriers: ordering new circuits, getting them installed, extending the demarcs, testing, cut-over to the new … [Read more...]

DDoS Mitigation Cloud Vendors

In the last posting about DDoS Mitigation Solutions, I discussed how hardware vendors in the DDoS protection space differ. I highlighted how different companies process data differently using tap vs. flow, the advantages and disadvantages of ASIC vs. commodity CPUs, and the problem of DDoS … [Read more...]

DDoS Mitigation Solution Differences

 One of the most common questions we receive about DDoS mitigation solutions is “how does your solution differ from company xyz?”. This is a pretty loaded question. On the one hand, we want to be unbiased and give you a comprehensive and honest answer. We want to empower you with the right … [Read more...]