BYOD Management Software


BYOD could be the single largest disruptive force in networking today, creating a host of IT challenges.  It used to be that IT-managed devices were the only ones allowed on your network. IT ruled and was the gatekeeper.  Today, millions of WiFi enables smartphones and tablets are connecting to … [Read more...]

BYOD Policy Creation (Part 2)

In our last post, we spoke about BYOD device choice and trust policies.  In this posting, we will discuss some other subjects to consider in your BYOD policy creation.App Design and ControlYour trust and device management rules will obviously affect your apps strategy for BYOD.  Employees … [Read more...]

MDM and BYOD Strategies


MDM and BYOD is being driven by the power of today's smartphones and tablets.  Employees want to use their own devices on corporate networks.    MDM, or Mobile Device Management and BYOD, or Bring-Your-Own-Device and  are strategies that are vital to the security of your IT infrastructure and the … [Read more...]

WAN Optimization and Data Duplication

Data Deduplication WAN Optimization

Data deduplication is one of the most significant technologies to impact the data storage industry. By identifying redundant data segments and storing only a single instance of information, this technology dramatically reduces storage space and allows more data to be protected over time.Data … [Read more...]

Enterprise Class WANs without MPLS Reduce Costs With Better Resiliency

You may wonder..."did I read that correctly"?  You did.  You can have a enterprise class WAN without MPLS. New technologies are changing the way that many companies provision their wide area networks.  WAN requirements are changing.  All companies have:A continued need for more capacity An … [Read more...]

MPLS Implementation Management

Fast Networks with WAN Acceleration

Some companies choose not to make any carrier changes to their network simply because of inertia.  They have limited resources and can't even imagine how they could handle a network migration.Outsourcing the MPLS implementation process is a sensible thing to consider.  It doesn't cost a great … [Read more...]

Iperf for Bandwidth Testing


Troubleshooting network related issues can be challenging at times. One great tool for on-the-spot testing of network bandwidth is Iperf. It’s a simple, yet powerful tool that can provide visibility on network performance metrics such as bandwidth, latency (delay), jitter, and packet loss. If you … [Read more...]