Low Latency Solutions

Low Latency Routes

When you are operating a global business, your WAN may carry applications that are particularly sensitive to latency.  For example, financial transactions, voice and video are all very latency sensitive.  The fact is, the physics of distance will always affect your network performance.  But … [Read more...]

BYOD Management Software


BYOD could be the single largest disruptive force in networking today, creating a host of IT challenges.  It used to be that IT-managed devices were the only ones allowed on your network. IT ruled and was the gatekeeper.  Today, millions of WiFi enables smartphones and tablets are connecting to … [Read more...]

BYOD Policy Creation (Part 2)

In our last post, we spoke about BYOD device choice and trust policies.  In this posting, we will discuss some other subjects to consider in your BYOD policy creation. App Design and Control Your trust and device management rules will obviously affect your apps strategy for BYOD.  Employees … [Read more...]

BYOD Policy Creation

BYOD or Bring-Your-Own-Device is more than shifting devices to employees.  It has complex and unexpected implications that you should define before implementation.  The following are some key components of a successful BYOD strategy: Device Choice for BYOD Employees wanting choice is the primary … [Read more...]

MDM and BYOD Strategies


MDM and BYOD is being driven by the power of today's smartphones and tablets.  Employees want to use their own devices on corporate networks.    MDM, or Mobile Device Management and BYOD, or Bring-Your-Own-Device and  are strategies that are vital to the security of your IT infrastructure and the … [Read more...]