DDoS Mitigation Solution Checklist

If your enterprise is evaluating DDoS mitigation solutions, it is helpful to have a checklist of criteria to assist you in making comparisons of the DDoS solution options.  We hope that this posting assists you in providing these important points to consider: •    Global Anycast Network: Scrubbing … [Read more...]

DDos Attacks – What Do They Cost?

DDoS Mitigation

If your company does not protect their data infrastructure against a DDoS attack, you have essentially put out a welcome mat for attackers.  DDoS attacks are both sophisticated and destructive.Average statistics tell us that the average company that experiences a DDoS attack will … [Read more...]

Global MPLS Network Diversity and Cable Landings

Europe Landing Stations

When one thinks of MPLS network diversity or redundancy, the thought typically focuses on the local loop or POP diversity.  It is rare that I hear people ask about what specific trans-oceanic cable is being used or what cable landing stations are. These are important questions to ask for large … [Read more...]

Carrier Contract Negotiation

Most people have limited experience negotiating carrier contracts.  I have seen the best contract lawyers totally botch their review of a carrier contract since they didn't have the first hand experience on what really matters.  Big name law firms do not specialize in carrier contracts.  They are … [Read more...]

SLAs for MPLS Networks – What Matters?

SLA Service Level Agreements

We all talk about Service Level Agreements when evaluating carriers that provide MPLS networks or telecom services.  But what really matters to you?The most common SLA categories relate to latency, packet loss, jitter and availability.  But what is really important to your company?  Would an SLA … [Read more...]