Global MPLS Network Diversity and Cable Landings

Europe Landing Stations

When one thinks of MPLS network diversity or redundancy, the thought typically focuses on the local loop or POP diversity.  It is rare that I hear people ask about what specific trans-oceanic cable is being used or what cable landing stations are. These are important questions to ask for large … [Read more...]

Carrier Contract Negotiation

Most people have limited experience negotiating carrier contracts.  I have seen the best contract lawyers totally botch their review of a carrier contract since they didn't have the first hand experience on what really matters.  Big name law firms do not specialize in carrier contracts.  They are … [Read more...]

SLAs for MPLS Networks – What Matters?

SLA Service Level Agreements

We all talk about Service Level Agreements when evaluating carriers that provide MPLS networks or telecom services.  But what really matters to you?The most common SLA categories relate to latency, packet loss, jitter and availability.  But what is really important to your company?  Would an SLA … [Read more...]

NSE Interviewed by Information Week

Information Week

It's always satisfying when your efforts are recognized.  NSE was previously known as MPLS-Experts. Information Week interviewed Steve Garson, regarding the complexities of obtaining an MPLS network to connect North America to Asia.  There are a lot more issues than price quotes, as you can … [Read more...]

Low Latency Solutions

Low Latency Routes

When you are operating a global business, your WAN may carry applications that are particularly sensitive to latency.  For example, financial transactions, voice and video are all very latency sensitive.  The fact is, the physics of distance will always affect your network performance.  But … [Read more...]

BYOD Management Software


BYOD could be the single largest disruptive force in networking today, creating a host of IT challenges.  It used to be that IT-managed devices were the only ones allowed on your network. IT ruled and was the gatekeeper.  Today, millions of WiFi enables smartphones and tablets are connecting to … [Read more...]